Wedding Food and Drink

One of the highest things on a wedding guest’s list for a great wedding has to be the food and drink (second of course to watching the lovely couple get married!). It goes without saying that you want to enjoy the food and drink at your own wedding too – and it can be a very special and memorable aspect of your day.

Firstly, have an idea of how much you have to spend – catering options can appear extremely expensive, but there are always options to cut down on the costs, like avoiding ‘wedding’ packages (which often have an immediate mark up) and going for local or mainstream companies and deals. Find out what’s included in the price: for example, waiting staff, crockery and glassware, seating arrangements and VAT. Many drinks companies offer free glass hire along with your order, or a ‘sale or return’ option which means you can return any unopened bottles of wine after the wedding and get a refund. Another way of cutting down costs is to serve the wedding cake as dessert – choosing a different flavour for each tier gives a nice choice for your guests, too.

Think about matching your food and drink to your venue and wedding style – buffet-style finger foods or a hog roast would go well at a laid back country wedding, but not so much at a large, traditional wedding! Have fun deciding what you’re going to serve – take the opportunity to share your favourite foods with your friends and family, or dishes that mean something special to you and your partner.

Buffets can be great for a sunny afternoon outdoor wedding, allowing guests to pick and choose at their leisure, while you all mingle and enjoy the sunshine – perhaps with a live band to serenade you! Sit down meals are best when they are kept simple – if you are offering your guests options, keep them to two or three at the most to prevent overcomplicating things and reduce the risk of mix ups and confusion on the day.

Think also about canapes and snacks – there can be periods of waiting around for your guests, such as the time between the ceremony and the reception, when the bridal party may be off having photos taken. Providing a drink or two and some nibbles will keep everyone happy!

If you can’t afford an open bar, then choosing good quality wines for the meal will be well appreciated by your guests. Another option is to ‘buy the first round’ and give each guest a drinks voucher at their table setting.

Don’t forget about special dietary requirements and children, too. Ensure your catering and serving staff know who is eating what, and think about providing a kid-friendly option for the little ones. Make sure everyone is well fed and watered can make a wedding a true success – after all, the way to most people’s hearts is through their stomach…