The Perfect Baby Shower Food

You want everything to be perfect at your baby shower party. And no one can blame you. It’s your first ever celebration for the most awaited person in your life as of this moment: You just want everything to be perfect. Food and drinks is always the number one concern on the list. What’s the best food and drinks to serve at a shower anyway?

Of course, you want the food and drinks to be easy to prepare, not that costly and yet full of fun and flavor! You want everything to be tasteful. When planning for a baby shower, you need to consider many things like how many people are coming; what time is your baby shower; what’s your theme for your shower party; who are the people coming to celebrate with you; how much time do you have left and if you are going to have a lot of help with this preparation.

If you have more than 15 people coming over, then you will need all the help you can get to prepare your baby shower food and drinks. You need some extra hands to help you prepare the finger foods, appetizers and others.

For your baby shower foods, you can make appetizers like tortilla roll ups, shrimp cocktail, heavenly fruit dip, vegetable dip, nacho dip and fruit pizza. You could also prepare salads and sandwiches. Chicken oriental salad would be a good choice or Mandarin Orange spinach salad would impress your guests. Broccoli cheese soup would totally complete your entrée. For your dessert, you could prepare a delicious trifle or an éclair. Sounds fancy, right? You could even make your own shower party punch as your beverage.