The Different Types Of Energy Foods

A good diet can help you get the best sports and fitness results. Runners, hikers, cyclists, etc. need an infusion of energy from foods and drinks for peak performance. Furthermore, there are energy drink and food options that would help you by fuelling your ambitions. These foods and drinks are energy boosters and would improve your physique and give you strength. Here are some of the energy foods and drinks.

Energy bars

In most cases, energy bars are recommended for eating after workouts during the recovery phase and sometimes, before workouts. Bars that contain slightly higher protein and fat content are good to eat one hour or more before your workout. The high-grade carbohydrates present in energy bars provide a boost to the endurance levels of a person during their workout session. Some energy bars give you significant amounts of protein, which is needed by athletes. Many other bars have been prepared to offer a specific ratio of carbs and proteins. The others appeal to those needing gluten-free nutrition or vegans. Some bars are known as organic bars and offer a high percentage of ingredients that are organic.


Since most of the high-performance foods give you fruity or sweet flavors, snack bars now also come in salty flavors to fulfill the cravings of outdoor athletes and bikers. These foods offer single servings that give you a healthy combination of ingredients that can be found on the shelves of grocery stores alone. These snack bars tend to be less processed as compared to the other energy foods and many athletes find this appealing.

Sports drinks

These beverages that enhance the performance of a person brought the term “electrolytes” into the mainstream lexicon. Electrolytes are primarily salts, minerals, etc. that exist in your blood and carry electrical impulses. The major electrolytes in your body include potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. Performance beverages help the athletes, who consume them, prepare and sustain the body of an athlete in sweaty conditions. When the athletes are tired, the result is a diminished performance and exhaustion, but when they drink these electrolytes, they give you a boost and result in endured performance as well.