Find Out Which Foods and Drinks Are Triggering Your Tinnitus

As Tinnitus affects over 50,000 million people in the USA alone, this is a serious condition. The high pitched ringing in your ears can be debilitating for many as it interferes with everyday life, conversations and sleep. Although there are many remedies and coping mechanisms available, in many cases certain foods, medications and beverages can make your Tinnitus worse. By avoiding or cutting down on the the following items you may find that you can tolerate your Tinnitus and keep it under control.

Tinnitus triggering foods and drinks to avoid.

– Caffeine: typically found in coffee and tea but also in chocolate and many soft drinks.

– Alcohol: even small amounts of alcohol can trigger tinnitus which can last up to 24 hours.

– Nicotine: not only in cigarettes but any amount of nicotine present in gums, patches or other cessation methods.

– Aspartame: this artificial sweetener has been noted to worsen Tinnitus.

– High Sodium Diets: foods that are consumed with levels of high sodium have adverse effects.

– High Fat Diets: diets that are high in saturated fats should be replaced with a low fat menu.

– Aspirin: high doses of aspirin much more than a reasonable amount has proven to increase Tinnitus.

These foods and drinks are not the only considerations one must take to reduce the ringing in your ears. If you already have Tinnitus or are susceptible to it, then other lifestyle improvements can lessen the effects such as, getting enough sleep, reducing your blood pressure, reducing your cholesterol and exercising regularly. New studies indicate that Tinnitus is not just a problem with the ears, many systems are working together within your body and many other lifestyle factors contribute to its severity.