How Much Will My Guests Eat & Drink?

As a host, when you invite people to your house, it is usually a goal to make sure your guests are comfortable, having fun, and enjoying themselves. Part of making sure this More »

All About the Indian Recipes and Food

When you talk about Indian food and drinks the major thing that you talk about is the spices that they use. In fact many spices that are used in the cuisine are More »

Outdoor Wedding Reception Food and Drinks

Wedding Reception Food For those who opt for an outdoor wedding reception, there are several ways food can be served. Following are some popular and money saving methods for serving food at More »

Train Your Taste Buds to Prefer Healthy Food and Drink

There is an ancient Latin saying, De gustibus non est disputandum, meaning that there is no disputing about tastes. Is this statement true? Perhaps it is true to a point, but in this More »

Certain Food And Drink Could Be To Blame

If you’re like several of my patients you may have an overactive bladder which keeps you running to the bathroom to urinate frequently. Some people have smaller bladder capacities than others and More »

Which Food and Drinks to Avoid

So the big question is, who is more susceptible to panic attacks from eating certain foods?

The are generally two types of people who are more susceptible to having a panic attack induced by food or drinks that they consume.

The first type of person who is vulnerable is a person who has had panic or anxiety attacks before. These are the type of people who are much more easily induced into a lapse from ingesting certain foods and drinks.

The second type of person is a person who has never had a panic or anxiety attack but are often referred to as a nervous person in general, or a person who is typically under a lot of stress from their job, relationships, health,etc.

Since panic and anxiety attacks are primarily stress related its important to know that certain food and drinks that you ingest can induce you into a panic attack.

You want to stay away from Food and drinks that are known to contribute to nervousness. Anything that can negatively affect the neurotransmitters in your

Remember the Foods and Drinks

Talking with a friend from the South, brought back memories for this pre-boomer about the local products I enjoyed as a kid. He thought a great after school snack was an RC Cola and a Moon Pie. My favorite, as a Philadelphian, was a Hires Root Beer and a Tastykake. It wasn’t until we were older and started traveling that either one of us got to taste what the other liked as a kid because these were regional brands that were not best sellers, or in many instances not available, except in specific areas of the country.

Loving the foods from my hometown, I fondly remembered my favorites: Philly Cheese Steaks, soft pretzels, scrapple, tomato pie (the early local name for pizza) as well as a host of others. It was great fun recalling these gastronomical memories and my mouth watered as I yearned for just one taste, which would hardly be enough.

This got me thinking about food and drink from coast to coast. So I contacted a few friends who grew up in different parts of the country and did a bit of online research to come

Wedding Food and Drink

One of the highest things on a wedding guest’s list for a great wedding has to be the food and drink (second of course to watching the lovely couple get married!). It goes without saying that you want to enjoy the food and drink at your own wedding too – and it can be a very special and memorable aspect of your day.

Firstly, have an idea of how much you have to spend – catering options can appear extremely expensive, but there are always options to cut down on the costs, like avoiding ‘wedding’ packages (which often have an immediate mark up) and going for local or mainstream companies and deals. Find out what’s included in the price: for example, waiting staff, crockery and glassware, seating arrangements and VAT. Many drinks companies offer free glass hire along with your order, or a ‘sale or return’ option which means you can return any unopened bottles of wine after the wedding and get a refund. Another way of cutting down costs is to serve the wedding cake as dessert – choosing a different flavour for each tier gives a nice

How Much Will My Guests Eat & Drink?

As a host, when you invite people to your house, it is usually a goal to make sure your guests are comfortable, having fun, and enjoying themselves. Part of making sure this is accomplished is being assured that everyone has enough to eat and drink during your party. You do not want to have a situation where food and alcohol has to be rationed to make sure everyone gets a little.

There are many factors to consider when figuring out how much to buy. First, you will need to create your guest list. In order to buy the right amount of supplies you need to know how many people will be attending your party. Once you have this number determined, you will need to decide what you will be serving. Generally, a typical meal at a dinner party will include appetizers, salad, a meat of some type, a starch, vegetables, dessert, and drinks. You can decide to make all of the items yourself, have some guests bring a dish, or buy some of the items already prepared. You will also need to factor in the number of hours that you expect your party to last.


All About the Indian Recipes and Food

When you talk about Indian food and drinks the major thing that you talk about is the spices that they use. In fact many spices that are used in the cuisine are similar to the spices that are used in the other parts of the world. For example saffron is known to have Iranian origin and not Indian. This way there are spices from all over the world and every civilization has its own set of spices. However, what is peculiar about the in Indian food is the special combination of these spices and the treatment they are given as per the different dishes and ingredients. For example it is not always necessary that the spices be always grounded for use in the food.

There is a particular style of cooking in the Indian cuisine that involves whole spices to flavor the food. This way when you eat the food you get a burst of flavor when you chew on these. Also, they are first fried in the oil which brings in a different kind of flavor to the food. When these spices are fried whole in the oil or fat that is used to cook food,

Outdoor Wedding Reception Food and Drinks

Wedding Reception Food

For those who opt for an outdoor wedding reception, there are several ways food can be served. Following are some popular and money saving methods for serving food at an outdoor wedding reception:

  • Barbecue. At a casual reception, it is common to serve barbecue items such as hamburgers, chicken, or ribs. To make your barbecue buffet-style, ask your guests to forego a wedding gift in exchange for bringing their own special dish to accompany the barbecue. Although, if you do this, be sure to confirm with your guests beforehand so that you don’t have everyone bringing the same dish.
  • Buffet. Ask your guests to bring a favored dish instead of a wedding gift. If cost is an issue, serve vegetable, cheese, fruit, and meat trays with dips and other snacks rather than hosting a huge meal.
  • Theme. Create a theme to base your reception meal around, such as Mexican or Hawaiian. Choose an outdoor theme that is simple, easy and affordable.

Wedding Reception Drinks

The bar tab can often account for one of the largest wedding expenses. Following are tips on serving drinks at your reception without incurring a major expense:

  • Semi-open bar. Offer several beverages

Train Your Taste Buds to Prefer Healthy Food and Drink

There is an ancient Latin saying, De gustibus non est disputandum, meaning that there is no disputing about tastes. Is this statement true? Perhaps it is true to a point, but in this article I will argue the opposite–that there is a degree to which taste and preferences in food and drink have an objective component to them. In particular, preferring sweet, salty, but bland foods leads us to make poor health and nutritional choices. In addition, I will argue that drinking tea actually retrains your taste buds to prefer food and drink which is healthier for you.

The Evolutionary History of Human Taste:

Humans evolved in an environment where certain foods were scarce. Our ancestors faced conditions where it was often difficult to consume enough calories and protein to get through the day; salt was also often a limiting factor. An active lifestyle in the hot sun leads to intense sweating and a great need to replenish salt and other electrolytes. It is no mystery then why we prefer sweet, fatty, and salty foods. The savory or umami flavor is a signal that a food is protein-rich, which ensured that we got enough protein daily, and

Certain Food And Drink Could Be To Blame

If you’re like several of my patients you may have an overactive bladder which keeps you running to the bathroom to urinate frequently. Some people have smaller bladder capacities than others and therefore naturally have to urinate more. Other people may be eating certain foods that can irritate their bladder causing the need them to urinate. I’d like to explain to you what some of these foods are and what you can do to minimize your “going” issues.

Overactive Bladder – What Is It?

Overactive bladder is a mild to severe condition that can not only become a nuisance in always creating the to find a restroom while you’re out in public, but can also have some embarrassing consequences. It is also a condition that can be accompanied by something called “urge incontinence”, or UI, where you have to go so badly you just can’t hold it and urine leaks into your clothes; or “stress incontinence”, or SI, where you have involuntary leakage of urine through laughing or sneezing. Usually UI and SI are just variant symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome which also can include nocturia (waking up at night to urinate) and frequency, just “going”

Food And Drink To Combat

Are you stressed out? Are you running on empty? Do you skip meals simply because you never seem to have enough hours in the day to sit down and refuel? If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, the chances are you’re already trapped in a vicious circle of unremitting stress. You may also be relying upon a diet that lacks the types of foods that can actually reduce your stress levels.

The fact of the matter is that certain foods can bolster the immune system and act as great stress-busters. And the good news is that simply increasing one’s intake of such food items can have a marked effect on how we cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

So, which foods have the thumbs up as stress-busters? Opt for foods containing:

Polyunsaturated Fats (Omega-3 Fatty Acids)

Foods containing polyunsaturated fats help reduce the risk of heart disease, a condition associated with stress. Oily fish, such as mackerel and tuna, are excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

Pantothenic Acid (B5), often dubbed the “anti-stress” vitamin can be found in a wide range of food items

An Elementary School in North Carolina Rethinks Student Rules

No gum. No food. No candy. No drinks. It’s easy to understand why elementary school students are asked to follow classroom rules. Teachers are too busy to spend time scraping gum off the floors and the underside of desks and mopping up spills made by their students. Perhaps it is far easier to simply forbid all food and drinks from the classroom. However the teachers and parents at the school where I serve as principal recently decided to rethink some of their rules nor the benefit of the students.

Why? Think about it this way. Let’s say a child eats dinner at home at 6:00pm on most evenings. The child goes to bed around 8:30pm and awakens early enough to get on the school bus at 6:30am. At this early hour there may not be time for breakfast. School lunch is served at 12 noon during the school day. That is a whopping 18 hours without food, an unreasonable amount of time for a tiny growing body.

Similarly, students may never have the opportunity to drink fresh water. Dehydration can cause students to become sluggish and tired. Drinking water helps curb the appetite and flush out

Foods and Drinks That Increase the Need To Go

If you suffer from incontinence, chances are you are looking for every possible option to help minimize episodes and improve management and control. The following is a look at some of the foods and drinks that can increase your need to go, and how to avoid these bladder triggers to reduce accidents and leaking.

Too much fluid is not the problem. Too little may be. If you are cutting down on your fluids then your urine might become really concentrated and irritate the bladder, making you feel the urge to go more frequently. Be careful about when your fluid intake takes place, for example, don’t drink a lot just before bed, but stay hydrated.

Alcohol. Alcohol is a bladder trigger. It is a dehydrating agent that increases the amount of urine. This is going to lead to more frequent trips to the restroom. In addition, alcohol might make it harder for the brain to signal to the bladder that you need to go, leading to more accidents and leaks.

Sour Cream. Aged cheese and other creamy dairy can lead to worsened symptoms in those with an overactive bladder. Imitation, non-aged, and lower fat is better.

Condiments. Many

The Food and Drink Combination

People have been haggling over the price for health and what it will cost them to get a healthier body. It doesn’t have to be much, as you will soon find out, because of this simple combination of food and drink that has been giving health buffs all over the world a lean, good-looking and a healthy physique. Here is the food and drink you should start partaking to bring out the best in you.

Fruits and vegetables are with no doubt a very good combination of food to help you with giving your body the nutrients that it need, not to mention that it helps with the intestines with the digestion of food. Properly digested foodstuff also means the proper derivation of nutrients and minerals to be distributed throughout the body.

Since fruits and vegetables have low calorie and high protein contents, you don’t really have to worry about getting those extra pounds. Eat as much of these food groups as you can. But you don’t have to make your diet exclusive to these foods.

There are certain meat products that you can take without you worrying over how much calories they can give

The Perfect Baby Shower Food

You want everything to be perfect at your baby shower party. And no one can blame you. It’s your first ever celebration for the most awaited person in your life as of this moment: You just want everything to be perfect. Food and drinks is always the number one concern on the list. What’s the best food and drinks to serve at a shower anyway?

Of course, you want the food and drinks to be easy to prepare, not that costly and yet full of fun and flavor! You want everything to be tasteful. When planning for a baby shower, you need to consider many things like how many people are coming; what time is your baby shower; what’s your theme for your shower party; who are the people coming to celebrate with you; how much time do you have left and if you are going to have a lot of help with this preparation.

If you have more than 15 people coming over, then you will need all the help you can get to prepare your baby shower food and drinks. You need some extra hands to help you prepare the finger foods, appetizers and

Food and Drink in Kenya

Drawn from diverse ethnic cultures and traditions fused with tastes absorbed from foreign countries, food and drink in Kenya are in a league of their own. They are also central in consolidating the collectivist nature that Kenyans are known for by bringing family and friends together.

The way foods and drinks are prepared and presented in Kenya greatly attest to the long-standing links and contacts Kenya has had with Arabian, European and Indian settlers. However, the Kenyan flavors are not eroded, with each of the 42 local tribes boasting of their own traditional cuisine.

Common Kenyan Foods

An agriculturally fertile country, Kenya is not short of all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Although when visiting certain restaurants, the menu may read like an international menu featuring foods such as French fries, hamburgers and macaroni and cheese as well as rice, pizza, chicken nuggets and fish fingers.

The more traditional foods of Kenya include:

    • Irio – Also known as ‘Mukimo‘ or ‘Kienyeji‘, a dish originally from the Kikuyu tribe. It’s a combination of maize and beans, mashed with cooked bananas or potatoes.

    • Ugali – Corn cake made by stirring

Ludlow Marches Food and Drink

There is nothing I like better than eating and drinking so the Ludlow Marches Food and Drink Festival is quite possibly the ideal weekend away…but it’s the last place to go if you’re watching your waistline! Named England’s Finest Market Town by Country Life Magazine some years ago, Ludlow has a long tradition of selling quality local foodstuffs from the regular market.

Whether food is a part of your working life or you just appreciate good food and drink this is the place for you.

Set in Ludlow, Shropshire and held between the 7th and 9th of September this year, the Ludlow Marches Food and Drink Festival celebrates everything that is great about eating and drinking.

The first festival was held in 1995 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The timing of the festival means you can usually count on great weather and Shropshire is home to some of the UK’s loveliest countryside.

The festival’s objective is to celebrate the quality and diversity of the independent food and drink producers in and around Ludlow and the Marches.

Industrially-produced products do not feature in the festival, this is all about

Field Marketing Within the Food and Drink

Are you a supplier within the food and drink sector? You should realize that your success could depend on how you market the products you sell to prospective or potential customers or consumers. You do not need to be a full-time and seasoned expert in marketing. Your core skills in product development and manufacturing would be particularly important and useful. You could begin looking outside or beyond your very own business or company to be able to effectively field market within the industry.

If you are not that confident about your own level of field marketing capability within the food and drink industry, you should not worry in any way. There are currently several field marketing agencies that are operating to offer and provide the specific type of service that you and your business requires. You could use such to optimize your own opportunity for success. Do you plan to take such a service? Here are the most important factors that you truly should take a closer look at especially when selecting a company that would deliver your success. Take note of each of the following.

Capability and experience in multiples, wholesale, impulse, and cash/carry sectors.

Which Foods and Drinks

Food is nutrition, and nutrition is necessary for good oral health, among other things. Like every other system in the body, the nutrition you bring into your body affects how well it performs, and how long it stays healthy. This includes your teeth, gums and mouth, and your oral health in general. You may not realize some foods are “mouth healthy”, but some are.

What is Mouth Healthy in Your Home?

When selecting foods and drinks for maximizing your oral health, look for those that help to fight bacteria – the #1 bad organism that is in your mouth. Some foods can do it very well.

For example, enjoying cheese and other milk products, without adding sugar, is a great way to protect the enamel on your teeth. This outer layer of the teeth is the first to be destroyed by bacteria, but these dairy products help. They provide calcium and phosphorus that’s necessary to bring minerals to the teeth. According to the WebMD website, making minerals available for teeth supports a natural process in which new minerals are deposited into tooth enamel after acids have removed them.

What Helps Improve Oral Health?

Top Foods and Drinks Detrimental

Does it matter which snack, breakfast cereal or beverage you reach for on the grocery shelf? When it comes to your oral health, it can make a big difference. The foods and drinks you select each contain different ingredients, including minerals, vitamins, sugars and acids, each with varying nutritional values and effects on your teeth and mouth. In some, the nutritional value is very low and their ability to cause problems to your oral health is high. The next time you reach for a soda, think twice. It could mean avoiding a cavity, even if you routinely use other good oral hygiene habits.

What Is So Bad?
The problem with some foods or drinks is what they are made of. Carbohydrates break down in the mouth into sugars. Sugar is detrimental for teeth. It works as an acid to slowly harm the enamel on teeth. It can damage the tooth structure. Overtime, this leads to cavities and tooth decay that may be hard to halt. Any type of acid that comes in contact with your mouth has the risk of harming your oral health.

Shoddy Food and Drink

What is the worst of the worst?

The Different Types Of Energy Foods

A good diet can help you get the best sports and fitness results. Runners, hikers, cyclists, etc. need an infusion of energy from foods and drinks for peak performance. Furthermore, there are energy drink and food options that would help you by fuelling your ambitions. These foods and drinks are energy boosters and would improve your physique and give you strength. Here are some of the energy foods and drinks.

Energy bars

In most cases, energy bars are recommended for eating after workouts during the recovery phase and sometimes, before workouts. Bars that contain slightly higher protein and fat content are good to eat one hour or more before your workout. The high-grade carbohydrates present in energy bars provide a boost to the endurance levels of a person during their workout session. Some energy bars give you significant amounts of protein, which is needed by athletes. Many other bars have been prepared to offer a specific ratio of carbs and proteins. The others appeal to those needing gluten-free nutrition or vegans. Some bars are known as organic bars and offer a high percentage of ingredients that are organic.


Since most of the high-performance

Find Out Which Foods and Drinks Are Triggering Your Tinnitus

As Tinnitus affects over 50,000 million people in the USA alone, this is a serious condition. The high pitched ringing in your ears can be debilitating for many as it interferes with everyday life, conversations and sleep. Although there are many remedies and coping mechanisms available, in many cases certain foods, medications and beverages can make your Tinnitus worse. By avoiding or cutting down on the the following items you may find that you can tolerate your Tinnitus and keep it under control.

Tinnitus triggering foods and drinks to avoid.

– Caffeine: typically found in coffee and tea but also in chocolate and many soft drinks.

– Alcohol: even small amounts of alcohol can trigger tinnitus which can last up to 24 hours.

– Nicotine: not only in cigarettes but any amount of nicotine present in gums, patches or other cessation methods.

– Aspartame: this artificial sweetener has been noted to worsen Tinnitus.

– High Sodium Diets: foods that are consumed with levels of high sodium have adverse effects.

– High Fat Diets: diets that are high in saturated fats should be replaced with a low fat menu.

– Aspirin: